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Hey! I'm Phildo3. I make twitch doodles: little interactives that can be overlayed on your stream via a CLR Browser (or similar). Get in touch if you'd like to have a custom doodle built for your channel! I can work within your budget, and all discussion (brainstorming ideas, chatting, etc...) is non binding until you're ready to commit.

Feel free to contact me with feature requests for any of these. If they're small enough ("I would love to use this if only this font were different, or if this were placed there..."), I'll likely be able to get it done quickly, and for free, while parameterizing it for everyone else to use. I just need to know what matters!

I'm also always open to ideas- I'm willing to get as big (full games) or as small (simple displays) as you can think! Please let me know!

Here are some example doodles for demo and use. Use the input box below to ensure they link to the correct channel.
Email: phildo211 at gmail dot com
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Other Ideas

Here are some half-baked ideas that I'd like to find an excuse to develop further. If you want to collaborate on any of these, or have ideas of your own, please contact me! These are just seeds, so they're all open to go in whatever direction we would want.

Tomogatchi - A persistent being that can be cared for by chat.

Spirit Bomb - At the command of the streamer ("give me your energy!"), everyone in chat needs to donate 1 bit (or spam some phrase or something...). Each viewer that does gets added to a big ball of energy that is to be used to defeat some rpg monster? Maybe the monsters are on a timer and get stronger and stronger until you die? Dude I dunno.

TwitchRPG - every n minutes or something, an option comes up (go left/right, choose sword/wand, etc...), and chat votes to make decision. Classic text RPG plays out (but with basic viz!)

Clicker Game - But instead of clicks, chat has to accomplish various things (spam emotes, donate, ???) to get to the next level

Tug of War - chatters randomly assigned a team (red vs blue), must cheer or chat or something to contribute to team's success?

Currency - everyone in chat has some amount of a currency, that they can claim by responding to some timed event. then they bet/spend that currency on some mini game?

Seriously I have no idea - I'm really just pullins stuff out of my ass here half of these don't make any sense please help